Stevens Johnson Syndrome Gets A Facebook Page

As Stevens-Johnson syndrome becomes a more well-known, you can find information about it everywhere. It even has a Facebook page that is maintained by the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps sufferers to raise awareness of the disease.

The Facebook page is meant to be a place where victims can share their experiences and hear about what the foundation is doing to help victims. The Facebook page is slowly gaining popularity in the social networking site and has 527 “likes” with various people participating in chats and messaging about the disorder. The site also has pictures, and various visitors post links to new information and treatments. It is a great way to help get the word out about SJS and its dangerous effects.

Its mission statement read as follows on the Facebook page, “The SJS Foundation was founded to be a resource to SJS victims and their families. Our mission is provide support services, and compile and distribute valuable information about SJS to the public and medical professionals regarding treatments and therapies that prove beneficial to SJS sufferers. We work to promote public awareness about the signs of SJS so that a quick diagnosis can be made and the offending drug stopped as soon as possible.” This information is taken directly from the foundation’s website, which has a special section called “Julie’s Story” that tells of a young baby that had the condition.

Here is what the website has to say about how and why they got started. “The Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Foundation (The Julie Foundation) is a nonprofit organization established in 1995, dedicated to bringing public awareness and research to adverse drug reactions that cause Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and TENS (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis) through the use of prescription and over the counter medications.” While Stevens-Johnson syndrome is becoming a more mainstream condition, it was bound to find a home on Facebook, and thanks to the efforts of the foundation, it has.

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