UK Woman Blames Epilepsy Medication for Children’s Birth Defects

A woman from the UK, Emma Downes, is claiming that her children have developed terrible conditions after she took an anti-epilepsy drug while she was pregnant with them. She is trying to air her grievance in a debate with Parliament.

According to Downes, all of her five children were born with Foetal Anti-Convulsant syndrome (FACS), which causes a variety of health problems. Some of the health problems associated with FACS include cerebral palsy, asthma, Aspergers syndrome and incontinence. Downes is convinced that her children developed these conditions after she took the anti-convulsant drug sodium Valproate (epilim chrono) while she was pregnant. In the U.S., Valproate is commonly prescribed in the form of a medication called Depakote.

Downes is hoping to raise awareness of this condition, which is not as common as other birth defects linked to epilepsy medications. For her efforts, Downes has set up an e-petition which she is hoping will get the Parliament’s attention if she can get 100,000 signatures. Her petition is asking for better warnings of the severe adverse side effects that epilepsy medications cause.

Her petition specifically reads: “Women (aged between 16 and 39) who are taking anti-epileptic medicines should be warned about the side effects of these medicines, so they are given the choice as while taking these medications BEFORE/DURING pregnancy, it could result in the baby being born with FACS Syndrome.”

Valproate is not the only epilepsy medication that has been linked to birth defects in children whose mothers take the drug while pregnant. Topamax has also been linked to various birth defects, including PPHN, neural tube defects and heart, brain and lung defects. If your baby was born with birth defects after being exposed to Topamax in-utero, contact the attorneys at Greg Jones today for a free consultation. I am experienced at fighting Topamax lawsuits and may be able to recover money for your child’s injuries.

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